What is the best way to insure the American Public for health insurance in the age of Trump?

It is nothing new that America is known as a country whose protections for the general person when it comes to health care are not up to the highest order. Health care can kill many people financially and the question is – what do we do about it.

The United States has around 300 million citizens – a large country – a large empire – and creating legislation to cover all 300 million citizens is a challenge. So how can we handle this?

Obama had tried with Obamacare – and a website that wouldn’t launch.

When it comes to government intervention you have to ask yourself if the government is capable of providing health care when they are not even able to launch a website?

Donald Trump has come along and offered a different solution – but in order to understand this you have to understand the difference between socialism and capitalism – as this is what it all comes down to.

Unfortunately many pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of various government loop holes – and ending up with a situation where there is simply no competition – and compeititon is what everyone fears but which will allow people to get the best possible deal.

You see – if you allow pharmaceutical companies to compete along state lines what will end up happening is that it will give the end user more choice – and by giving the end user more choice it will allow them to find the best deal for themselves – and the insurance companies will compete for the best deal.

Well I hoped I wouldn’t get political but there you go! You can see clearly which side I stand on.

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